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(2015) Hang

(2015) Hang

The second song this year is now ready. “Hang”.
The title refers to the instrument Hang, which is produced in small series and handicraft.
It’s a kind of upside-down steeldrum to play with your fingers.


I was fascinated by the sound quality of the HANG Steelpan instruments. By chance, I discovered hang sounds’ sound library for Ableton Live and experimented with it. I have distanced myself from the pre-made patterns and created my own patterns with up to three HANG instruments. From the beginning I knew that this would not be enough for me, so for the song “Hang” I still created sounds and melodies with sampled wind instruments, the Korg Karma, Prophet12 and NI reactor.

The song turned out to evolve as piece of about 10 minutes, created in Ableton Studio.

Has been released by french Label Alter K on streaming platforms.

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