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I have been addicted to electronic music since its inception. My youth was influenced by the first LPs of Tangerine Dream and performances of Klaus Schulze, then Kraftwerk and finally Jean Michel Jarre and many others such as Vimal, Vangelis, Tomita, Wendy Carlos, Erdenklang, Claude Larson, Gershon Kingsley, Laurie Anderson, Rupert Hine and , and , and …..

I have built most of my instruments myself. Depending on my financial situation, purchased instruments were added, as you can see in the instrument lists of my recordings. I developed and played large modular systems between the ages of 16 and 24. During my two years of assisting and working with composer Gershon Kingsley (Popcorn), I was able to use my technical knowledge to service his Moog modular systems and was allowed to use them for my songs.

From the beginning I called myself “Symboter”. A pseudonym that brings together the two worlds of man and machine: the symbiosis of man and robot.

I founded my first studio for electronic music in Munich in 1975, and in the following years it grew into a place of many sound experiments with friends in various constellations. My quite successful solo cassettes were released by SYNTAPE. Encouraged by this, I played some live concerts at home and finally recorded the LP “Japotage” with a loosely connected group of musicians.

This was followed by music for movies, TV trailers, theme music and commercials for various broadcasters, TV programs and artists. While working as an art director for a TV station, I met Freddy Mercury of Queen and produced visual effects for him. A few years later I worked with Peter Gabriel (Genesis), Dieter Meier (Yello), Helen Schneider and Eberhard Schöner, again in the field of VFX.


In 2006 I moved to my hometown Berlin, where I live and work as a visual artist, sound artist and musician.

The path of my more than 40 years of involvement with electronic and avant-garde music is the exploration of the blurred area between the crests and troughs of waves, between sound and non-sound. I am fascinated by sound sculptures and spatial sound experiences, and I continue to create works that deal with them.

I am coming closer to my desire for sound creations, now completely different, sensor-controlled, compositionally much more complex, minimalistic with finer nuances. For me, Steve Reich’s phasing is as much a stylistic element as Brian Eno’s generative music, but – as I said – “only an element” within a work and not the work. My styles are diverse, but what they all have in common is a tendency to break with tradition.

Some of my music contains vocals or vocal events: similar to James Blake, I am not interested in portraying my personality when I sing or something or someone sings, but in creating a vocal character within the musical event, in addition to some content to be conveyed.

In all this time, I have made recordings that can be found on streaming platforms; a label in France takes care of that. But also CD and LP in small editions that are probably sold out.

Have a look at the other sections for discography and music, you can listen to a lot there and find the links.

Enjoy this song:


Song about an AI speech engine learning to talk,
leads finally to “Gehabe”, a german word of
“to act as if”.

Symboter News

Latest News

  • New Song and AI-Video “inTERference”

    “inTERference” This year 2024 I have in mind to come up with some songs or/and sound installations circling around the topic of interference, an acoustic (or generally: frequency) phenomenum. The first finished song is here: it consists out of two parts and you need loudspeakers or good headphones for best experience. Some details: realized with some outstanding software synthesizers. Visuals with Stable Diffusion 1.5 in 4:3 standard, not upscaled. All prompts with the word “interference”....

  • New AI-Video for “Morte et Dabo”

    “Morte et Dabo” The song is about the fight for life with ups and down, tragedy and hope. So is the video. Made under the impression of the murder of Nawalny on Feb. 16th 2024. Visuals are generated with Stable Diffusion in ComfyUI manager on my own hardware. No postproduction, no retouch, just added the text. Glitches are intentionally....

  • New Song and AI-Video “DuDa”

    “DuDa” A song about my grandparents dating each other in the 1920s and having fun, enjoying life. Technically speaking, this song was generated by me using software synthesizers only and the video clip by assembling 2700 images rendered with the AI Stable Diffusion, non retouched. (Each 3rd image has been rendered, the two images in between are blended)...

  • New Song “Discovery Train”

    “Discovery Train” A song about a train ride in a Discovery Park. Visuals for the youtube clip are generated by me and an AI. The song is also on soundcloud and bandcamp with best audio quality (wav file)....

  • New Song “Morte et Dabo”

    “Morte et Dabo”A song about pain and hope. Part of the LEO Chronicles Morte et Dabo by Symboter...

  • New song “1920s”

    The golden 1920s in Berlin lasted only 8 years and were “golden” only for very few of the citizens, most of them suffered in the hunger winter after WW1 and most of the young and middle aged men, partners were gone forever. It took 20 years to grow up new childs who became soldiers and victims again in WW2. This song takes some fragmented snipplets of lightfeeted songs from the 1920s and let them appear in granular waves where the drama shines through the superficial and momentary joy. It is part of “The Leo Chronicles”, a concept album about my......

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