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(2008) Strange Attractor I

(2008) Strange Attractor I

Strange-Attractor.mp3 (Achtung: 98 MB)

Created in the course of 2008.

This is actually an endless piece. Here I have recorded the beginning (after switching on) up to 67 minutes.

The piece shows the direction in which some of my more recent pieces are heading: Sound objects, sound sculptures, sound spaces.

The aim was to create an ambient soundscape for my living room, which changes depending on whether I’m in it or not, whether I turn on the lights, move around, etc.

The sound is created with Reaktor and Reason, Korg Karma and above all Audiomulch. An AD converter is connected to the computer and a number of sensors in the room. The sensors: Motion detector (2), temperature (1), light (5*).
I have built a kind of control center with the reactor. When a sensor event occurs, it first checks whether it is important or whether other events from this or other sensors will occur within a certain time. If so, then a slope generator is started, which runs very slowly from a set initial value slowly from a set initial value to a target value and drops off again by itself after some time if no new event arrives.

The various synthesizers are faded in with the slopes, as are around a dozen sample tracks with a running time of 10-20 minutes. These samples do not simply repeat themselves but wait for a random time of up to 10 minutes.

Some random events make sure that it doesn’t get too boring and that there is a surprise every now and then.

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