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(1990s) Re-Animation

(1990s) Re-Animation

These are a few songs I wrote and performed between 1981 and 2000 and were not released.


  • Bautz.mp3
    The water noise originated from the sample of a coke can that was thrown down the garbage swallower. I hung a microphone about 5 meters into the swallower. Then the sample is edited with a PPG Waveterm2. All played with a PPG Wave2.2/Waveterm and my self-built modular system. “Bautz” was built in the attic room and was inspired by roofing work that was quite annoying. The word “Bautz” is also sampled and played. The name “Bautz” I found much later on an old tractor.
    The song published by label Alter-K.
  • Boston5.mp3
    These Boston(x) pieces were made in Boston, on vacation on the synthesizer (ensonique) and the 2 track cassette recorder of an acquaintance and my newly acquired Linn drum machine (not included here on Boston5). I never published the piece.
  • Electric-Teahouse.mp3
    Played on the Moog modular system, saxophone by Kai Taschner, a piece of our LP Japotage (1985). I was fascinated by Philip Glass and Steve Reich (Minimal Music) at the time and the Kai had to play 16th striolene, the arms… Published on the cassette “Phon-Ethics” (without saxophone under the name Digimba), and as the final version as mentioned on the LP of “Conseqenzes” with title “Japotage”Here is a link to a review
  • glass1.mp3
    Here I sampled the rubbing of a wine glass and smashed it into a piece, there is also an old phone with dial, who still knows it… played with the PPG Wave2.2
    The play was never published.
  • so1.mp3
    short improvisation loop with samples from the PPG Wave2.3/Waveterm. The play was never published.
  • Spring-Rain2.mp3
    Improvisation on the Korg Triton, or was it the Moog?. The play was never published.
  • Smart-Phon.mp3
    a quite extensive piece of music with several theme changes, recorded probably in 1982, samples from the PPG Wave2.3/Waveterm, probably TR-808 drums, TB-303 bass. Only used on a video demo tape of my then employer as a setting. Happy I found the video and recovered the song in 2014.
    The song was published by label Alter-K.


  • Rock-iTT.mp3
    Is an improvistaion on a preset of any Yamaha QX-10? Workstation and I think a Korg Triton. The play was never published.

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