Symboter/Album /(1981) Live (Audio Cassette) #2

(1981) Live (Audio Cassette) #2

(1981) Live (Audio Cassette) #2

Live1 (1981)
Moog Modular System 15A
Symboter Modular System
Roland Jupiter 4
Roland CSQ 100 Digital Sequencer
Roland CR 78 Drum
Roland RE 501 Chorus Echo
Korg MS20
Korg SEQ10
ETI Vocoder
Akai GX-630D SS for Ping Pong Echo


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  • Synapse of 14.03.1981 (30:00) This was live in front of the audience, the Moog was incredibly unstable in pitch and I had to put weights on the keys so that the sequence wouldn’t drift away from me. Every now and then you hear it when I use melody voices… No replay or samples were used. Here is a patch sheet for my modular system, which I used to keep the approximately 8 performances of Synapse as similar as possible.
    synapse settings
    Here is a youtube video which I recorded on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, with the light limit installed there, underpinned with one of the synapse live music:

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