Symboter/The Nocturne Waves

The Nocturne Waves


1. Ais-21.11.2000
2. G3
3. The Ambient Song

About Album

An Ambient Music Project, these songs were not released on other platforms.


Song Artist: Symboter
Label: Symboter Music
Genre: Electronic Music

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This ambient song, recorded 21.11.2000, is basically built on a single pitch Ais with several sounds, very quiet and in the second half an exciting tabla theme, all played with the Korg Triton.Tracks superimposed with Cubase. The song was never published.


Ambient song, recorded 13.09.2000, building on the pitch G, with many four-shift, slow-rising and passing sounds, quite quiet, with drum sequence in 2. Half, long piece. I actually think long pieces are better than short ones, because you can drop yourself and follow the story. On a short glimps they certainly seem monotonous, just listen completely without being distracted. Played with the Korg Triton. The song was never published. Unfortunately there is a hum, the original files are no longer available, CAN YOU?, I can’t eliminate it. Sorry.

The Ambient Song

Another epic song, mainly built on industrial sounds with a drum sequence in the second half, almost a scheme of mine, like G3 and AIS, but I just like it that way. The play was never published. It was recorded with Propellerhead Reason. For example, I have several LFOs are used to control the PAN settings in the mixer. Very many (matrix) sequencers, many industrial samples. In 2014 I ported the piece to the latest Reason version and cleaned it up a bit. Later in 2021 I remastered and re-recorded the song in another version to “HASAG” of the "Leo Chronicles". See the video below showing Reason and live interaction while recording.

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