1. Electric Teahouse

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In collaboration with my very committed musician friend Kai Taschner, who at that time mainly played saxophone, the LP project “Japotage” with other musicians and guest musicians was created first in my studio and then in other studios. I supplied a large part of the technique and was responsible for the Noise Field recordings, tape processing, synthesizers, ambient collages. A beautiful project that mainly bears Kai’s signature. 2000 LPs. Frog Records ?- FROG 85007. A link to a review
Unknown legal situation, so I only publish my solo song on this platform, Sax by beloved Kai. Please search in youtube for all tracks of this exciting project.


Song Artist: Symboter
Label: Frog Records
Release Date: 01-01-1985
Genre: Electronic Music
Contributing Musicians: Kai Taschner

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Electric Teahouse

This is a remix of my Song "Digimba" which was published before.

Album Reviews the compositions are progressive without a doubt, and the variety of instrumentation is really impressive....The insert.....(of the album).... I strongly recommend you read it as you listen to complete this bizarre progressive experience.

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