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(2021) HASAG

(2021) HASAG

This new song is about HASAG, a mighty Ammunition Manufacturer in the Third Reich. In special the song is about the factory Pelcery (Peltzer) in Czestochowa (Tschenstochau). HASAG was destiny for 10 thousands of forced labour workers, mostly young jewish men and women. Many of them died within weeks because of exhaustion or were poisened by the chemicals, died in factory accidents, were murdered by the SS after only 3 days of illness or just by fun. My grandfather LEO was forced labor worker in several camps after being in the ghetto of Krakow. He survived the concentration camp of Plaszow under the evil SS officer Amon Göth and ended in Czestochowa until liberation by the Russians in January 1945. Hard stuff….uff….had to do this song therefore.



Symboter – HASAG

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