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(2011) Strange Attractor2

(2011) Strange Attractor2

Originally intended as a supplement to Strange Attractor 1, this piece developed in a completely different way.

The painter and counter-reformer Wolfgang Petrick approached me and asked if I would like to do the soundtrack for the video of his exhibition at Falckenberg Collection (Hamburg-Harburg).

Since his paintings, drawings and sculptures are heavily layered and often are often carry symbolic dynamic swirls, I decided to use the layer concept of Strange Atractor 1 without the sensor technology here. (…but kept the methodology with chance and track shifts, as well an alienation through audio mulch)

The result is a twelve-minute sound experience that supports the images of the video, but which also develops its own dynamic. The sounds are chosen to be rather dark and expansive, which is due to the motifs that Wolfgang Petrick depicts and processes. There is also a sequential element (which refers to the sequential and yet varied elements in Petrick’s works and also the structural dense hanging at the exhibition). At the end of the soundtrack everything dissolves into noise and crackling (a notation towards the tsunami catastrophy that has just taken place in Japan and the nuclear disaster in Fukoshima). Wolfgang Petrick also makes strong references to catastrophys in his works, he refers to September 11th.

Production time approx. 3 weeks, instruments used: Korg Karma, Audiomulch, Postprocessed with Audacity.

Here is an Audiomulch screenshot of the setup:

Here is the full length video (12min 24sec):

and here is the whole soundtrack as audio file:


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