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(1985) Electric Teahouse

(1985) Electric Teahouse

Played on the Moog Modular system (which Gershon Kingsley gave to me for some time as thank you for my studio work for him as technician), saxophone by Kai Taschner, a piece of our LP Japotage (1985). I was fascinated by Philip Glass and Steve Reich (Minimal Music) at the time and the Kai had to play 16th tripplets, poor guy… It was first published on my cassette “Phon-Ethics” (without saxophone, song title “Digimba”), and this “Electric Teahouse” version as mentioned on the 1985 relased LP of our band “Conseqenzes” with LP title “Japotage” Here is a link to a review

You can compare the two versions:
New version with saxophone: Electric Teahouse:

Original version:

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