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(1983) Voyager24

(1983) Voyager24

My most elaborate piece up to then. Produced in a 24 track recording studio, with Mood modular system, Jupiter8, and real Simmons drums.
This is a new edition of the 1982 voyage Voyager (on Cassette “Matrix”)
Eternal thanks to Hanno Stratmann (†) for drumming and mix
PPG Wave 2.2
Roland Jupiter 8
Sequential Circuits Prophet5
Moog Modular System 15A
Simmons Drums
Linn Drum
EMT Hall
Lexicon Hall/Echo
Swiss Echo
24 Track Dolby A

The song was released on audio cassette tape “Phon-Ethik” on the Syntape label (SYN017), released digital on streaming platforms later by french label Alter-K.

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